It Was Bound To Happen Eventually - Blues 4, Hawks 2

We knew the Hawks playing like this would bite them squarely in the ass eventually, it just licks a big, hairy, sweaty set of nuts that it had to be against the Blues.

Things started tonight with both teams flying up and down the ice with reckless abandon and not much use for any manner of neutral ice defense. A Fernando Pisani turnover at the right defensive half wall and Nick Boynton swimming at the resultant 2-on-1 led to David Perron's first goal of the evening, picking his corner cleanly on Marty Turco. The Hawks quickly equalized things on a rocket from Patrick Sharp from the top of the left circle on the power play to draw even at 1-1, but were outshot 12-8 in the first.

Perron once again gave the Blues the lead six minutes in on a nice backhand in transition with Boynton once again getting turned around backing into Turco on the goal. Brent Seabrook pulled the Hawks even on a slapper through traffic three minutes later just as a penalty had expired, and the teams traded chances through the remainder of the period.

The third period was fairly even until Roman Polak's floater from the right hashmark somehow made its way through Marty Turco's legs. The closest the Hawks would get from there would be a Viktor Stalberg post, as Brent Seabrook would be taken off late for a delay of game penalty, and a ricocheting shot would find its way to Patrik Berglund's tape right in front of Turco which he didn't miss to put the game away for good. Winning streak over, Blues win 4-2.


  • Despite the loss, the Hawks had a solid shot blocking night right from the get go, and the Corsi numbers reflect that when contrasted against the Blues 28 shots on goal.
  • Turco's gotta have that third goal, whether it was through traffic, hit a skate or not. Plain and simple.
  • David Perron - officially annoying.
  • Jack Skille got drilled on the right boards in the first by Carlo Coliaccovo after chipping the puck in. While I personally believe the hit was clean, by the letter of the law as far as the new mandate on headshots is concerned in the league, something could have been called.
  • John Scott's first fight in a Hawk uni was about as anticlimactic as 17 year old coming in his pants as the head cheerleader breathes heavily on his earlobe.
  • While the powerplay was very un-clown shoes for the first two periods, it looked like absolute hell during the chance mid-way through the third and needing an equalizer.
  • Boynton looked awful on Perron's two goals, particularly the second. In that case, he needed to stay on his feet and force him to the outside.
  • Duncan Keith's decision making is still leaving a lot to be desired.
  • Paging Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.
  • Hopefully tonight doesn't give Q an itchy trigger finger for any rash decisions for tomorrow night's game back at the UC against Columbus. Skille and Stalberg did nothing to piss away a lineup spot. Look for Crawford tomorrow night as well.