It's The Same Old Story, The Same Old Song And Dance, My Friend: Hawks 5 - Bruins 2

Well, that was something.  Five straight goals almost warranted DLR, but we only ever got him warmed up in the bullpen:


So now that that's out of the way.... This comparison is a bit hyperbolic, so excuse me for that. But some of you will remember the 90's Bulls. Most games, they would sort of drift through the first quarter or half, and be up or down no more than five at half. Then, in the 3rd quarter, they invariably went on some 18-1, 24-3, 28-5 run and the game would be over. Sometimes, when they felt a game was important and needed to smack down a pretender to the thrown, they would beat the ever loving shit out of them. I get that same feeling watching the Hawks recently. The past few games, they've started slow, looked a little out of sorts, but their overwhelming talent sees the game doesn't get out of hand, finding themselves tied or down one. Then they turn it on, and you look up and it's 4 or 5-1. It's wonderful.

Such was the story tonight. For most of the first period, the Hawks looked lackadaisical. There were some spotty turnovers in the Hawks zone. The Bruins got a good forecheck going. They went behind on a B's power play after a complete joke of a call on Toews (that PK was a mess too, never leaving the Hawks zone). Another turnover by Marlboro 72 saw Miroslav Satan left all alone five feet out. He was always due to score after I called him a corpse.

But as I texted a friend in Boston, this all only succeeded in pissing the Hawks off. They started to get pucks in deep. A forecheck as furious as we've seen all season caused Bruin turnover after turnover. With Savard out, the Bruins looked sluggish and overmatched. They probably were. Dunc's started the roll when Chara screened Thomas out on his shot from the point (not the first time this would happen). The Hawks were tied after the Hawks 4th line created havoc behind the B's net and Eager was able to find Kopecky for the easiest of tallies. When the Hawks 4th line is going like it has been the past couple weeks, can anyone stay with them?

The 2nd period is what horseracing fans call "letting it out a notch". The Hawks just eased into the lead without looking all that bothered. Getting going on their first power play, Seabrook put a shot on net that caused a rebound that Ladd was able to pounce home, seconds after the penalty ended. As the Hawks continued to roll, Keith again used Chara to blot out the sun and beat Thomas from Providence. That ended his night. The score could have been far worse for Boston as Hossa blew a breakaway and Sharp missed after beautiful work from Hossbollah and Ladd. That line is starting to show some real chemistry.

The 3rd was academic, though Niemi did have to come up with a couple saves. Kane added the exclamation point after Brouwer was able to make Denis Wideman looks silly and set him up.

One day I'll stop worrying and just enjoy this ride for now. This team is just....well, really good at hockey.


Once again, every Hawks line chimed in on the score sheet. God help you all, rest of the league.

-Zdeno Chara screened his own goalie for two goals and got knocked on his ass by Toews and Sharp. Not a good night for last year's Norris winner.

-But a great one for this year's?

- I know it was his first game back after a long injury absence, but has Milan Lucic always been this stone-handed?

-If Marc Savard is out for any length of time, the B's have some serious problems ahead.

-Niemi didn't look comfortable all night, but a win is a win.

Player of The Game

Well, i was tempted to give it to Chara just to be an ass, and both Fraser and Eager had two points. But there's only once choice, isn't there?


Duncan "Flash" Keith