It's Too Hot Grab Bag

Sorry, that's the best picture caption I've ever written.

Anyway, it's too hot for a full post today. And there's nothing going on. We're literally in the hockey desert at the moment, and for some reason the weather decided to join in. So let's clean up some stuff real quick, and you can discuss it all. And then we can turn on the AC. And if you don't have AC, you're going to die. And I'm sorry, because I genuinely enjoyed your company. Or you could head to the nearest bar or restaurant with AC. You could do that I guess. Whatever. I don't care.

-The Hawks named Ted Dent at Rockford's head coach. Dent had been an assistant under Mike Haviland and Bill Peters, who are now NHL assistants. It should be an interesting season out in Western Illinois. All those kids that they talk up or we get excited about are coming back with at least one season of pro experience. They should be markedly better than that woeful disaster that they were this year. And when the injuries hit, it's those kids that are going to have to be able to plug right in. Keep an eye out.

-Kane's surgery went well, so start the Deadspin stories about how he's drinking with his right hand now, as well as other things. Though maybe he always used his right for that.

-Apparently Brandon Dubinsky is asking for $5 million per year. So there goes that idea.

-Shea Weber's arbitration hearing is tomorrow. We'll see how much that cripples the Preds efforts to keep Suter and Rinne next summer.

-You know what? I don't care anymore. It's too hot.