John Hayden scores 1st NHL goal in 2nd game with Blackhawks

The rookie came up big with a goal against the Maple Leafs on Saturday night.

It didn’t take long for Chicago Blackhawks rookie John Hayden to make an impact with his new team. The winger scored his first NHL goal in just his second appearance to tie up the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night.

Jonathan Toews set up Hayden with the goal for his 33rd assist of the season. It was an impressive showing by the rookie, as he kicked the puck to his stick after entering the zone with speed then fired a quick, accurate wrist shot over Frederik Andersen’s shoulder for the goal. He’s already got three shots on goal and five hits Saturday.

Hayden broke out as a big-time goal scorer in college hockey this season, finishing his senior year at Yale tied for fifth in the country with 21 goals in 33 games. His scouting report offers up questions about his speed and quickness at the NHL level, but he should be alright if he can make skilled plays like the one that led to his first goal.

You can read more on Hayden in our breakdown of the rookie here. He certainly didn’t take long to make us all notice him.