Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane Pop!s will soon be here

Two Toewses, in fact!

You guys know what’s awesome? Funko’s Pop! figures. They’re simple, they’re aesthetically pleasing, they actually tend to look like their subjects most of the time; in short, they’re awesome.

Except there’s been one thing strongly lacking about them: you can’t get any NHL ones. There have been NFL Pop!s, NBA ones, even MLB mascots - but nothing for the NHL.

Until now. And right there, in the first wave, are Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.

Toews is one of six to come in both home and away uniforms (though the away looks to be a Canadian exclusive). His is a great figure, too; I mean, look at how serious he looks. He’s a perfect representation of a miniature Captain Serious.

Kane, meanwhile? I don’t know - personally, I think they might have been a little generous with his hair...

The Blackhawks are the only team in this wave to get multiple players represented, which of course, is both kind of expected and still pretty awesome. And they’re probably must-haves for any collectors - because they’re definitely on-point.