WATCH: Jonathan Toews convinces Auston Matthews to shoot the puck around and destroy stuff

What a good influence he is.

Jonathan Toews is a seasoned NHL veteran. Ten seasons into his NHL career (with a handful of Stanley Cups), he knows what he’s doing.

Auston Matthews was the first overall pick of the draft just a couple of months ago. He is green, and therefore prime for mentoring. ... Or maybe for goading, as Toews, in an ad for the Nexus 1N stick, starts challenging him to a shooting competition, which leads to the destruction of various equipment, because Captain Serious isn’t so serious after all when he gets bored, apparently.

This is adorable. (And Toews remains good, accurate, and cocky, which is what you always like to see from him.) They both just keep things escalating. Who would’ve thought they’d be a good fit, right?

Though did Matthews go a step too far in going after the vegetable platter? “I know you’re a big vegetable guy,” he says, going after the tray. Though it is Toews who ultimately finishes it off - and the chocolate fountain, too, the monster.

Still! It’s like Toews and Matthews were told to have free reign and do whatever they wanted for this commercial, and it’s a lot of fun to just watch them have fun with it. Plus smashing that ice sculpture? Toews is so good.