Jonathan Toews starts initiative at CPS schools to help kids grow and eat healthy food

The captain’s foundation has teamed up local schools for a new program.

Anyone who follows Jonathan Toews on social media knows he loves the environment and healthy eating. Now he’s trying to help local kids do the same with a new initiative through Chicago Public Schools that will help “young kids shape their lives for the better by teaching them the benefits of eating healthy food that they get to grow themselves.”

The program is part of a partnership between the Jonathan Toews Foundation and Green Bronx Machine, a non-profit started in New York City that teaches kids how to grow their own healthy food that they can eat themselves.

It’s a way not only to help improve the eating habits of under-privileged kids, who often live in food deserts where fresh food is rarely accessible, but to encourage them to learn about the environment and why healthy living is important.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Madeline Kenney has more on the initiative, which will involve 20 schools around Chicago. “Each of the 20 participating schools will receive a Tower Garden and a nine-week curriculum that will teach students the art and science of growing vegetables indoors,” Kenney writes.

It’s unclear exactly how Toews will be involved beyond the announcement and having his name tied to the initiative, but it sounds like a good experience and something he’s definitely passionate about.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many bright members of our youth community who are willing to learn and striving to be the best version of themselves,” Toews said. “Healthy eating habits are certainly part of that, and I want to thank my partners Green Bronx Machine and CPS for their great collaboration in bringing this experience and skill set to students at a young age.”