Jonathan Toews credits Anthony Rizzo on his choice of jersey

He did one thing well!

Hey, shooting the puck can be really difficult. Even the very best NHLers are going to have lower shooting percentages than most guys’ batting averages.

Speaking of batting averages, Anthony Rizzo is pretty good at that - and a little less good at shooting the puck, as we saw during the Blackhawks’ intermission.

But it’s not all bad! Because at the very least, we know Rizzo has style: he picked out a Jonathan Toews jersey to wear.

Game recognize game, as Toews gave him a thumbs up over Twitter for his choice of jersey.

Toews is only shooting at a 7.4% clip this season - well below his career average of 14.7% - so he knows a thing or two about not quite having shots go in, either.

The good news, though? If you take a snapshot of their overall professional careers, guess what - they’re both among the very top of their sports.

Just, you know... their own sports. Maybe not Rizzo at hockey.