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Jordin Tootoo drops Antoine Roussel in fight during Blackhawks-Stars

There’s not a ton to get excited about with Jordin Tootoo’s game. The veteran didn’t play for the past two weeks, and hasn’t recorded a point in the 36 games he has appeared in this season. Tootoo is hardly an NHL-caliber talent at this point, yet he’s hung on at the bottom of the Blackhawks’ roster as an energy guy and veteran locker room presence.

Oh, and Tootoo can beat the crap out of people, which we were reminded of Saturday night when he dropped the Stars’ Antoine Roussel. If you’re into hockey fights, you’ll probably like this:

Now, we don’t discuss fights around these parts very often for a couple reasons. First, the Blackhawks basically never fight. It’s just not the team’s style, and hasn’t been for years. Second, the fights generally don’t do much for me. I don’t really get why they happen most of the time, and they rarely seem to have any impact on the game itself. They’re a sideshow in an entertainment product that doesn’t need it.

But still, damn, Jordin. One left hook to Roussel’s face and he was on his back while Tootoo, bloodied from the fisticuffs, skated to the penalty box.

I’d rather have a 12th forward who actually scores points, but if you’re going to fight someone, you might as well do it like that.