June 2nd - Beard Of The Day - General William Tecumseh Sherman


We've invoked his name many times over the last two years, as well as drawn comparisons to his actions as a Union General during the Civil War, but now given the situation, the hour is nigh that we call upon General William Tecumseh Sherman and his fearsome beard.

Sherman was one of the primary reasons the Union emerged victorious in the "war between the states", as he was dubbed the first "modern general" using techniques such as cutting off resources from the enemy. But what Sherman is most famous for is the Savannah Campaign, better known as the "March To The Sea". In November and December of 1864, after taking Atlanta, Sherman's troops were then ordered to take Savannah as well. During that time, Sherman implemented a scorched earth policy, burning to the ground absolutely everything in his path.  Said a historian regarding the march, Sherman "defied military principles by operating deep within enemy territory and without lines of supply or communication. He destroyed much of the South's potential and psychology to wage war."

After the Union victory, Sherman succeeded Ulysses Grant (a former beard of the day himself) as Commanding General of the US armed forces, and published his memoirs all while refusing to get into politics himself. The man even had a fucking tank named after him, so deny his badassedness at your own peril.