June 4th - Beard Of The Day - Aragorn


Despite being 87 years old and haggard as all hell from protecting some midgets from every type of ugly-ass bad guy a giant flaming red vagina between the spires of the Sears Tower can throw at them as they try to toss something they found in a Cracker Jack box into a volcano, Aragorn still manages to rock a pretty mean beard through all 11 hours of the Lord Of The Rings movies (or 14 hours plus bonus features if you're a complete dorkus malorkus like myself).

For much of the early part of his life, Aragorn kept a low profile as a ranger in the far western outposts of Middle-earth, biding his time to assume a throne that was his birthright. His resourcefulness in the wild, as well as his unimpeachable character, leadership ability, and swordsmanship would all certainly prove instrumental in his quest to prevent evil from overtaking the kingdom of men and to recapture its crown. And we choose him today because attributes and actions such as this are needed from the leadership of the Hawks at this a critical juncture in their quest, particularly when fending off the advancing hordes from the wastelands of the East.

Stand, Men Of The West!