Kaner Taking His Talents To Switzerland

Patrick Kane has signed to play with the EHC Biel-Bienne in Switzerland.

Boston's Tyler Seguin must have needed a drinking buddy and a wing man because Patrick Kane is joining him on EHC Biel-Bienne of the National League A in Switzerland. Kane had told reporters last week that he was going to wait and see how the CBA talks were going before making a decision on playing in Europe. Well, it doesn't look too good now does it? No word on when Kane will be leaving or if he will be appearing at Friday night's Champs For Charity game like originally planned. My guess is he will not be in Rosemont on Friday, much to the disappointment of the bartenders at Toby Keith's new bar down the street.

Seguin and Kane will make one hell of a duo on and off the ice! I hope the young women of Switzerland are on high alert and the clinics are fully stocked with birth control and anti-itch creams. The toughest transition for Kaner will be learning how to say "beer pong" and "keg stand" in all four of the Switzerland's official languages. All drinking jokes aside, just don't get hurt Patrick, that's all I care about.