Kane's Lawyer Responds to the Charges

After two days of silence we're finally starting to get Patrick Kane's side of what happened Sunday morning. As has been the norm for this story though, only small details are coming out, bit by bit. Hawksfansince08 gave me the head's up that the lawyer Kane has hired, Paul Cambria was on ESPN1000 this morning on The Waddle and Silvy Show. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear most of the story but ESPN has a nice summary up.

Lawyers of course speak like politicians at times, avoiding the real questions and answering with their pre-written talking points so we get an answer like this when he's asked if Pat Kane touched the cab driver, Radecki:

"He did not assault the cab driver. He did not rob the cab driver. He did not cheat him out of his fee. None of those things. He tried to get out of a locked cab,"

So there's no mention of whether or not Pat actually "touched" the cabbie but this does support the stories we've heard of the Kanes being locked inside the cab.  Later in the interview though Cambria does give more details

Cambria does go on to say:

"Pat is like, 'Why me? I didn't hit the guy. I didn't assault the guy. I wasn't involved in pay or not paying for the fare. I can't believe I'm in this.' "

So maybe Pat didn't actually do any of the punching after all?  We'll have to see if that's true.  If anything this interview makes it sound like was Pat's cousin, and him alone, that was involved with paying for the cab and possibly any physical confrontation.  That would go against what the driver initially said to reporters though.   Also mentioned on show was the news that everything is going to be going in front of a Grand Jury on Thursday and there are sure to be a lot more details coming out then.

Until then, there's plenty of dirt being drug up on the cab driver - Sun Times is reporting he's been arrested twice for driving under the influence and doesn't actually have a valid driver's license.  Ouch. As quick as we are to jump on Kane for being an idiot, lets now try to hold off judging this guy.  He's allegedly been sober after attending AA.  Even with a shady past, he doesn't deserve to get punched out over 20 cents.

What could end up being more damaging to his story than his legal past could be this bit of news also from the ESPN1000 interview:

Cambria said "Apparently, he's had other skirmishes with people in the past, and other difficulties, and all that will play out in the courtroom."

Now there's nothing to back that up other than rumor at this point but it could be a huge boost to Kane's defense.  As big of a jerk as Kane might be, and I'm not really sold on the idea that he's an insufferable prick, he can afford the type of lawyer that could (right or wrong) absolutely destroy the credibility of an older alcoholic cabbie with a history of legal problems and a tendency to fight with his fares.

For the time being though we'll have to just wait for more details to leak out.