Khabby Injured, Niemi Up

From the Sun-Times

Well, that's not good, but I suppose not disaster either.  Could get ugly if Huet has to make a string of starts, but that could also decide who's going to get the glut of games down the stretch (yes, I purposely started all those words with G.  Eat my diction, bitches!).  Hopefully, this isn't too serious.

More later....


Here's a look at Niemi's stats so far year in Rockford:

Antti Niemi

#31 / Goalie / Chicago Blackhawks



Aug 29, 1983

29 13 12 2 2 65 2.47 657 .910

Niemi recorded his second shutout of the season last night against Peoria.  So things keep getting worse for Manny Legace as he loses his first AHL game this year.

Niemi started the sesason really well and I remember being confused earlier in the year when Crawford was called up after Khabby went down the first time this year.  Crawford ultimately never played a game and that could very well be the case for Niemi this time as Khabby so far is listed as day-to-day.  Niemi still leads the IceHogs in GAA though Crawfords record and SV% are better (15-9-2 and .916).

One other thing to look at is Huet's play if he starts getting extra starts.  He dropped the San Jose game where he replaced Khabby and went on to lose his next two games as well (both off poor offensive preformances) but then went 7-2-1 in his next 10 games.  Does Huet play better when he gets more regular starts?  Perhaps?