Kick The Holiday Off With Second City Hockey (or at least 2/3rds of it)


You know the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a hot mess, so why not make it more so and join McClure and I at Whirlaway for the Hawks visit to The Shark Tank?  Killion will be off to DC to spend the holiday with his family, so you'll have to do with the natives (born right-wise here in the land of the free, and not the foreign hordes defiling....sorry, broke into Bill the Butcher there.  Happens)  Our patron saint Maria has promised a Thanksgiving spread for all those who attend.  So we're giving you food, access to beer, hockey, and the chance to feel better about yourselves after spending time with McClure and me.  What's not to like? (That's fair.  Touch indelicate, but fair.  There I go again).

Whirlaway is on Fullerton just west of Kedzie.  Game's at 9:30 but McClure and I will be there from somewhere around 8:30 onward.  So join us.  (And that my friends, is the minority vote.)