Le Sigh

You may not remember, but there was a time when Tim Sassone didn't wear a tin foil hat, and was actually a pretty damn good hockey writer.  But it is not this day.

Of particular humor is the calling out of Patrick Kane. What more, pray tell, can Patrick Kane do? We've seen him dominate almost every shift. How many passes have gone bouncing off the petrified rock that is Dustin Byfuglien? How many chances as a half-injured Dave Bolland just not been able to get to? For fuck's sake, Kane created a short-handed goal last night.

Secondly, the Hawks are missing what will be two of their top three scorers.  How many teams could weather that and still pump the net silly like Jay Cutler out on the town?  The Wings are missing two of arguably their top-4 in Franzen and Filpulla, how's that working out?  Boston has no Savard and Lucic, where are they?  Take Nash of Columbus, they might not ever score again.

Yes, the Hawks weren't very good last night.  But it's one night.  Not a call to arms or anything.  Christ.  Someone bring back our Tim Sassone.