Let Me Sleep So My Teeth Won't Grind: Preds at Hawks Game 5 Preview/Pregame Thread/Comicon

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FOES: On The Forecheck

The chalk all have come up trumps in the West in their respective Game 5's, and we hope the same is true this afternoon. Really, there's no reason it shouldn't, because this series has boiled down to something so simple, and that's effort level. When the Hawks work as hard as the Preds, which they did for large swaths of Games 1 and 2 and all of Game 4, they have won two of those and could be considered unlucky to have not at least gotten to overtime in Game 1. We've been here before. We all felt pretty uneasy after two losses in Calgary last year, and then the Hawks proceeded to blow the Flames' doors off in the 1st period of Game 5. I expect the same kind of blast out of the gate today, the Hawks would have no excuses for not doing so.

We'd expect the same lineup from the Hawks, as for the Preds there are rumblings that Hornqvist may make it back to the ice, as well as Denis Grebeshkov. While these are nice players, they really shouldn't make much difference to what the Hawks do. Chip it out, chip it in, go and get it. Convert one or two of your power play chances. If all of these things are accomplished, I don't see why the Hawks don't win. Sure, some Preds fans will tell me Pekka Rinne will steal this one. Yeah, his numbers look good, but I don't see where he's a Greek God we can't get past. There, I've just fucked us. He's totally a Greek God.

Do I have to break this down any more? I don't think so, you all know the deal by now. Get it done.