Lets just drop the puck already: Hawks @ Canucks Game 1

We've gone over the all the parts of the team, showed the stengths (forwards), faults (Defense?) and the wild card (goalies).  All in all these are two very even teams that could be starting a long, long series tonight.

Predictions are all over the board and look to favor the Canucks but since when does anybody really know anything?

Just in case you haven't had enough numbers thrown at you yet I think we should go over some more.  These are all playoff numbers only:

3.50 - The number of goals per game scored by the Hawks.  That's third best overall behind the Bruins and Scum.

2.75 - Same stat for the Canucks, 6th overall.

1.25 - The goals against the Canucks, as has been said that's a good team stat but it certainly gets a nice boost when your goalie puts up quite a show.

20.2 - Average number of PIM per game for Vancouver.  Second worse behind Montreal.

29.2 - The percentage of the Hawks power plays that ended with a goal.  This number will have to stay high for the Hawks.  Vancouver has shown they're going to take penalties, capitalizing on them is crucial for the Hawks to win.  Sec 326 Bureau Chief - get those cigarettes ready.

95.8 - Here's the bad news for the Hawks - that's the kill rate for the Canucks.  Whatever.. the Blues suck

It's remarkable how close some of the other stats are for these two teams - check it out for yourself.

OK - so is everyone good and panicked yet?  Did I totally bum you out with that goalie spotlight?  Sorry.  But guess what, Lou ain't invincible - he's going to let pucks into the net and the will win games.  How many?  Hopefully 4 but it ain't certain.

This is a much bigger challenge than a beat up Flames squad but that's how the playoffs are going to go.  The Hawks are underdogs without home-ice for a change so lets see how they respond.

You have to hope they'll come out flying.  The Nucks may be well rested but could that translate into rust?  They haven't played in about a month, right?  If the Hawks can get an early jump on them it will make a huge statement.

Don't forget that we're on a road trip to start this game too.  For the first period we'll all be commenting over at Nucks Misconduct.  I won't say for you to be on your best behavior.. but try not to be too big of a dick.  Do drink all their beer and hit on their sisters.. or brothers if that's your thing.  No judgments here...

For the second we're back over here and we'll be welcoming all their goons too.  Then for the third we'll kick them out and as they'll hopefully be in quite a sour mood.

I'll close the comments on this just before the puck drop and open new threads for the second and third period.  Have at it...

Lets Go Hawks