Let's Make A Wings Blog Look Stupid For A Good Cause

Last week, I got an email from Greg at The Winged Wheel about a charity drive he's running. This was of course after he took every cheapshot in the book at we Hawks fans, but he actually did it in a funny and creative way, making him the only Wings fan on the planet who can do so. Anyway, he asked if we would join him in his cause and though I'm slow on the trigger, we're going to do so. First, the important thing, what we're raising money for:

My name is Michael Anton and I am a fourth-year student at Argosy University where I am working towards a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology.  For the last year, I served as a Therapy Intern at The Genesis Therapy Center, a non-profit organization based in the suburbs of Chicago.  During my time as a Genesis Intern, I was given the opportunity to serve as a Title IV Representative in some of Chicago's underserved parochial schools.  This involved making classrooms presentations and activities in order to raise the students' awareness of the importance of avoiding drug and alcohol use and the imperative nature of reducing instances of bullying while also working to increase problem-solving skills.
During this experience, my fellow Interns and I had our hearts broken as we witnessed children going to school at facilities that could not provide for the students' most basic of needs.  It was rare to come across a classroom where every child had a textbook, notebook, and writing utensil.  The deficits got so severe, in fact, that staff had to ration out how much toilet paper or bathroom soap each child could use in a day.  These deficits have only been hurt by the government's decision to cut Title IV funding.
Because of this experience, I have decided that I am tired of just talking about the need for change.  The time has come for me to move beyond wanting to help so that I could make the notion of helping a reality.  My goal, therefore, is to raise $10,000 so that these kids can have the school supplies and hygiene products they all deserve and so that Genesis can continue funding such a beneficial, in-class program.  Please join this cause and, together, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many children.

So, where do we come in? Well, first you go to their website Learning Through Giving and either donate or at least join them through Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also check out Greg's original post here.

Ah, but here's the kicker. Greg wants to turn this into some sort of competition between us and his gang, not knowing the unholy force that this fully operational Death Star can be. So, if you're the high donor, or we can out-donate the Wings fans, we get to design their banner for three months, as well as have him write a song of our choosing. Sounds good, no?

So how do you let Greg know that you're on board? Well, when you make a donation, simply email Greg at wingedwheelblog@gmail.com and let him know. Obviously, if we can't pull this off then we're going to have to do something for him, which we haven't figured out yet. But I'm not worried about it coming to that.

All right SCH, who's ready to dong-whip a Wings blog for Charity? Everyone? That's what I thought.