Live From The Five Hole - Episode 14: Kick And Scream

Will all the rumor and scuttlebutt whirling about the league as we approach the trade deadline, did you really think that we'd let it all go whizzing past us without sitting down to record one of our scintillating discussions? Of course not. So with that, we offer the latest episode of Live From The Five Hole, once again recorded by our exceedingly patient engineer/producer/candy procurer Marina at Optimus in Streeterville. Because we serve up only the finest guests, we were lucky enough to have Spector aka Lyle Richardson, P.E.I.'s finest hockey maven, who has his finger on the pulse of any and all transactions in the league, and has numerous outlets for his thoughts, namely Spector's Hockey, Fox Sports, and The Hockey News. And on top of all of that, you'll get our usual dose of wit and banter and numbskullery, all of which can be found via the direct download below, or from RSS or iTunes. Put our hockey thoughts in your ears, even though actually looking too closely at us would burn every hole of your eyes.

Episode 14 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole

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