Live From The Five Hole - Episode 7

I'm not entirely sure why you people want to continually hear the three of us bloviate endlessly on your various audio devices, but as long as you keep listening, we'll keep cranking it out....and we'll also keep producing podcasts. For this episode, we went big game hunting, and came back with the man that you can "thank" for giving us this space on SBN, the Toronto Globe & Mail's very own James Mirtle, formerly of From The Rink. We discuss with him the upcoming finals matchup between the Bloodhound Gang and your Men of Four Feathers, as well as break it down in our own extra special way after recapping the Western Conference Finals with the deposed San Jose Sharks. As always, the 'cast can be downloaded below, and on iTunes by searching for Second City Hockey or Live From the Five Hole. Get your glow sticks, it's time for the extended dance mix.

Episode 7 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole