Live From The Five Hole - Episode 9 or: What You Know

You didn't really think that we'd let the season start without an actual season preview podcast did you? You did. Well fuck. I guess we deserved that. In any event, we've got a full podcast complete with season previews, predictions, and an actual guest this time around, none other than the man who solicits the wonderful, insightful comments over at Puck Daddy- the man himself, Greg Wyshynski. We get his thoughts as the regular season opens and make him defend some of the picks he made today for the Western Conference, as well as get a sneak peek at what the East will look like tomorrow. Oh, and Killion actually managed to lock his car properly this time. As always, you can get it via iTunes, RSS, or the link below. When I chirp, shorty, chirp back.

Episode 9 - Second City Hockey - Live From The Five Hole

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