Look me in the eye then, tell me, that I’m satisfied

OK - fess up.. how many of you shaved last night?  I think I'm the only one who left the beard untouched.. mostly because I didn't trust myself around a razor (just real drunk... not suicidal).

Last night was disappointing, sure, but this season has been far from it.  The love-fest is in full force on the recap Sam wrote but I thought I'd put in my piece too.

A huge thank you to everyone who reads this site.  I started a blog because I was bored during the summer (and by the way.. starting a hockey blog in the middle of the summer but after the first day of free agents?  brilliant move).  I never thought we'd get to the level we're at now.. just like I never thought I'd seriously be considering a Stanley Cup this year.. but it happens.

So once again - A huge thank you for reading the blog, for all the comments, for buying the Indian, for coming out to the Whirlaway or the Huettenbar (we only had to call the paramedics once.. good for us!  Anyone know if that girl is OK?). We truly do appreciate all the kind comments and emails.

It's been a blast.

But we're also not going away.. we'll still be around with stuff for the draft, free agent day, prospect and training camps, the convention not to mention season recaps, player reviews and all other sorts of good stuff.  Onward my friends... Onward.