Love Is A Long, Long Road: Hawks 2, Scum 5 (Scum lead 1-0)

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Every bit as torturous as we thought it would be. And now an afternoon ruined. But, keep repeating the following: "Long way to go, long way to go." And there is, and the room between the Hawks play today and their ceiling is cavernous, though they're going to have to close that up sharpish.

Frustrating thing is, the 1st period looked exactly like we wanted to see it, especially the first 10 minutes. VERSTEEG! rang one off the post, and the Wings d-men were turning pucks over left and right. The Hawks were clearly the more physical team as well, and when Campbell dropped Valteri McFagfag, I nearly had an erection. They were rewarded when the wings d and Osgood decided to rehearse a performance art piece instead of play the puck, and Burish poked it home for a dream start.

Then a sucker punch, off a draw the Hawks won. Seabrook had the puck bounce over his stick (more on that later), but Keith kept Boozy Cleary to the outside. Unforutnately, he still beat Khabby. Helluva shot, but Khabby's got to have that. Still, the 1st was just shaded by the Hawks, or at least dead even, and 1-1 seemed right, maybe even a little unlucky.

Then, apparently, someone broke in the Hawks dressing room and informed them they were now the '85 Oilers, and could do as they pleased in the neutral zone. DEATH. You can't do that against this team. Just because they're not playing a trap doesn't mean they don't work their ass off backchecking, and if it's not there you HAVE to get pucks in deep and go get them. Especially considering how giving the Wings were in the first when being forechecked, and especially considering that the ice at the Joe looked like a cubist representation of anarchy. Simple simple simple, and the Hawks failure to be so led to the game being turned on them.

I know NBC is contractually obligated to make everything seem like a great play by someone on Scum, but Franzen's goal is simply a misplay by Keith. He's got to be stronger than that. All that being said, Khabby single-handedly kept the Hawks in it with some unbelievable play, and we'll need more of it.

2-1 flattered the Hawks, but they were right where they wanted to be after cashing in on their only PP, and power play that looked awful up until then. After VERSTEEG! converted a tap-in, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who though this is where the Hawks would go. Nope, more of the same. Lazy, bad play. Refusal to do the simple thing. Missed clearances, missed passes, poor decisions. Every one of those mistakes will lead to Scum making you pay, and they did so.

A long way to go. The Hawks have to up their game seriously, but if Khabby maintains that level and the rest of his mates come to meet it, we still have every chance.

Random thoughts:

-Thank the fucking lord that there's only one more game on NBC this series, and i'll be at the UC for it, so I don't have to listen to it. I swear to God, if I have to listen to Pierre Fucking McGuire talking with Wings jizz spilling out over his lips, I'm going to open the vein on my left wrist and drink my own blood before the reaper comes.

-Maybe I haven't seen enough games at the Joe, but again, I don't remember the ice being that bad. That's not why the Hawks lost, both teams have to play on it, but it makes their refusal to play a simple game all the more infuriating.

-Datsyuk looks hurt. He had an effective game, but not a dominating one, and I've probably just woke him up. But he looks a step slower than normal.

-It's an NBA rule when playing the champs, you're not going to get any calls, but it appears to be drifting to the NHL. Again, not why the Hawks lost, but Holmstrom got away with an absolute spear on Biscuit, and Henrik Catalano got away with a hold before Franzen's goal. Somehow, I doubt we'll be only getting one power play a game.

-I was just perusing the Thread, and I'd really prefer if this site doesn't turn into a "You suck" "No you suck" "Get bent" meathead-athon if we can help it. I'm sure there are a few Scum fans hiding in there who just want to piss people off, but the ones who have been posting regularly here, like ahtrap I believe, seem to be rather literate and intelligent, and we don't really need all the back-and-forth. Somehow, though, I think that will remain my wish.