Mainstream Media And It's Lack Of Respect For The Blogger

It's no secret that almost all mainstream media outlets have no respect for the world of sports blogging. In fact, most professional sports franchises ignore the bloggers too. In the last couple of days the lack of respect towards us bloggers has been seen on both a national level and right here under our noses in Chicago.

Yesterday Boston blow hole Dan Shaughnessy stayed awake long enough throw all bloggers into a large group and rip us to shreds in one big generalized slam. His is article about Kansas City Chiefs fans cheering when Matt Cassel got injured he let loose with this bias comment:

It's an issue about civility in America today. It's about accountability. It is about angry fantasy football players who do not know how to look someone in the eye, or hold a face-to-face conversation. It is about fanboy bloggers who kill everyone and everything under the brave cloak of anonymity. It's about instant tweets fired from the safety of your basement. It is about anonymous bullying with the World Wide Web serving as the new bathroom wall.

Just so Mr. Shaughnessy knows, every piece I have ever written on the internet has had my name attached to it. I do not require any type of "cloak" in my writing. Now is there a bit of truth in his comments? Sure there is, but it is unfair to stereotype every blogger in that light. It is same as saying every Cubs fan is a rowdy drunk who doesn't care about the game. Or every White Sox fan is white trash who just wants to beat up first base coaches. It isn't fair to the majority of good people and great writers who don't fall into that category and Shaughnessy needs to be called out on it.

Speaking of needing to be called out, a big shame on you to Comcast Sports Net Chicago. Most of you have probably already read Sam Fels' post over on The Committed Indian about CSN trying to take credit for the #ShawFacts craze that was started by Fork at Hockee Night. Katie Fowler has been under a reign of fire as the Chicago Blackhawks fan community as come out with guns a blazing, and rightfully so!

But this isn't the first time CSN has taken shortcuts, in fact, it has happened to me. Back on August 1st I wrote the Blackhawks Fans Guide To Twitter over at Blackhawk Up. The very next day Danny Moran at CSN Chicago had himself an easy day as he pretty much copied and pasted my article from the day before with his #Blackhawks on Twitter article.

So why does the majority of mainstream media have no respect for the internet writers? I think there are few reasons for this. First and foremost there is a ton of crap out there. You have to sift through pages and pages of drivel just to find some good writers. But I have read my fair share of garbage from some so called "professional" writers in large newspapers and magazines.

Are the professional writers scared that the bloggers will start taking their jobs? Doubtful, they would have to show respect first. But there is some resentment due to the fact that anyone with an internet connection can take away readers from those with their expensive journalism degrees.

I think the biggest reason for the lack of respect is jealousy. Would I trade places with Adam Jahns or Chris Kuc? In a second! Would they trade being a Blackhawks beat writer for my spot on Second City Hockey? We have a better chance of Raffi Torres admitting that he is a shit stain on the underwear of life before that happens. But I do think some of the writers are a bit jealous of the good bloggers. They are jealous because bloggers still get to be fans. We still get to be passionate about our beloved teams. We don't watch the games because its our job, but rather because its our love. We don't have to toe a company line and not piss off the guys we need to travel with all season long. If we want to call somebody we can. If we want to kiss someone's ass we can. We have the freedom to write exactly what is in our hearts. I am sure there have been many professional writers that wish they can let their passion and frustration come out at times but can't. So I am part of a community that will probably never be taking seriously by the mainstream. Us bloggers are the WWE to the mainstream media's NFL and that's ok. I don't do this for respect or accolades, I do it for the love of the Chicago Blackhawks.