Mama Said...: Sharks 3 - Hawks 2 Wrap

First off, a deep apology to everyone for not being able to provide an Indian at the UC tonight.  I made a promise to everyone that I would be there every game, and I broke it tonight, pretty much due to my own incompetence.  You all deserve better, and I will provide it in the future.

Anyway, on to the game.  It's strange.  I've seen the Hawks have less control of a game and win by four.  I've seen them muster half as many shots and register twice as many goals.  I've seen them give up twice as many shots and not give up a goal.  I know it's a loss, but I don't know for sure what I'm supposed to complain about here.

I haven't glanced at the gamethread, but I'm sure at least one person will pin this on Huet.  I guess I can't stop you, and Heatley's opener was definitely a case of Cris dropping down to early.  Still, only a few snipers in the class of Crash Bandicoot could make him pay for that.  The second goals was Versteeg going country stupid.  The third was Seabrook(?) getting caught on a pinch by Thornton and Marleau.  That's bad news.  Maybe he could have stopped Joslin's shot from the slot, but it was pretty uncovered.  I'll leave that to all of you to decide.

You want to find blame for this ever-so-weird loss?  Look at the power play.  The Hawks only had seven of them to make something happen.  If there's a silver lining (and there isn't), it's that maybe after seeing a real PK Coach Q will realize what a clusterfuck his PP is at the moment.  Buff on the point?  You might as well have an alligator out there.  Versteeg and Kane together?  That only ended in a shorty against.  And why does no one dump the puck in?  Like ever?  Will they catch H1N1 if they do?  Someone should explain this.  The Hawks have far too much talent to have a man-advantage that looks like old people fucking.

But still, you look at the shots and see 47-14, you must've been doing something right.  In fact, if the Hawks hadn't been so intent on punishing the glass behind Nabokov, it could have been 60.  There are just some nights that are not yours, and tonight looks to be one of them.  Sure wasn't one of mine.

Reminder:  Tomorrow night at The Whirlaway for the Hawks-Scum game.  We'll actually mention who we are.  Killion is the Irish lookin' dude in the Toews jersey, McClure is the tall doofus with the grin like he just got away with something awful, and I'll be the bald dude who's covered in toner.  Please walk up to us and introduce yourselves.  Although the odds are McClure and I are throwing punches at each other by the first TV timeout.