Marian Hossa passes between defender’s legs to assist beautiful Jonathan Toews goal

Sometimes the Hossa-to-Toews connection can still be oh-so-sweet.

We’ve talked a lot about Marian Hossa’s goal scoring this season since he recorded his 500th NHL goal. On Sunday night against the Stars, we got an example of Hossa’s superb playmaking skills when he dished a pass between a defender’s legs to set up Jonathan Toews with a gorgeous score:

Thread the needle, indeed. Just prior to that pass, Hossa had faked a slap shot that got the defense to slightly hesitate during the rush. That little move gave Hossa the space he needed to split star defenseman John Klingberg’s legs with the pass and put it right on Toews’ stick.

Hossa is now up to five goals and five assists in 12 games this season. It’s a major step up in scoring pace from last season, when he scored just 33 points in 64 games. That was his worst offensive performance since his age 20 season in 1998-99, and now at age 37, it appears he’s rebounding closer to his old form.

Scoring or playmaking, that’s very good news for the Blackhawks.