Marian Hossa’s scoring this season is almost unprecedented

Or, as Elias put it: Howe, Hull, and Hossa. Quite the group of names.

Marian Hossa has scored 15 goals in 29 games. He will be 38 years old in exactly one month.

Fifteen goals. For a 37-year-old. Who only had 13 goals last season, for that matter. Sure, his shooting percentage remains abnormally high, but that doesn’t - can’t - stop you from looking at what Hossa is doing and being extremely impressed.

After all, just because you can project him to slow down doesn’t mean what he’s already accomplished doesn’t matter.

We’re getting to the point where it’s time to bring other names into this. Specifically, Brett Hull and Gordie Howe. And not frivolously, either. Via the Elias Sports Bureau:

Hossa [is] the oldest player to score at least 15 goals over his team's first 30 games of a season since Brett Hull did it as a member of the Red Wings at age 39 in 2003-04. In fact, the only other player to score 15 goals in his team's first 30 games at Hossa's age or older was Gordie Howe, who did that at age 39 in 1967-68 and at age 40 the following season.

We know Hossa is feeling it right now; we know he wants to complete his contract, which would see him play until he’s 42.

So, can Hossa fully replicate Hull and Howe, and score 15 goals in 30 games two years from now? I’m guessing probably not, but honestly, the way things are going right now, you can never say never when it comes to Hossa.