Marko Dano is excited to play against the Chicago Blackhawks

They’re his old teammates!

Remember Marko Dano?

The Columbus Blue Jackets drafted him 27th overall back in 2013. Dano made his NHL debut with them, but was soon traded to the Chicago Blackhawks alongside Artem Anisimov in exchange for Brandon Saad (and a handful of others).

Dano played just 13 games with the Blackhawks, scoring one goal and putting up one assist, before he was again traded - this time to the Winnipeg Jets, as part of a package for Andrew Ladd.

He’s been in both the AHL and NHL this year, but seems to be taking off with the Jets, with three goals and an assist in seven games.

And tonight, he’ll be facing off against his former teammates - and it sounds like he’s looking forward to it.

Aw - that’s a great picture he chose.

Dano has already bounced around a bit in his young career, so he’s already had his fair share of former teammates, but this is his first time playing against the Hawks this season. (He actually played against them twice with Winnipeg last season, too, but now it looks like he’s getting more settled in with his new team.)

You love to see that kind of enthusiasm against an old team, though. Hopefully it’s a good one - but it’d be even better if we could actually listen in on the chirping!