May 12th Beard of the Day: Hatrick Kane

So clearly - this one isn't about how amazing the beard is. In fact to quote McClure: "It's like the rings of Jupiter or a woman's can only be seen if the light hits it at just the right angle"

You can't say he's not trying though both on the beard and on the ice.  Did anyone see that game coming?  3 goals and only one of them luck?

The move around Ohlund (was it Ohlund? - don't quite remember) to set up his first goal shows he's not afraid to go up along the boards even if the Canucks thought they had rattled him.

The second goal was the lucky one that bounced past/over some sticks and let Kane stuff it in between Lou's leg and the post..

The third goal.. well..

Possibly the prettiest goal of his career?

And the quote of the night too:

''Any time you get a wake-up call from old Willie Mitchell -- he decided to make some comments that fired me up,'' Kane said. ''He said I couldn't play five-on-five, and I had three goals playing five-on-five tonight, so ask him about that!''