May 15th - Beard of the Day: Groundskeeper Willie


I think we've had a music-related BotD ever since someone in the comments called our taste "dog-shit".  So never doubt that we'll do something purely out of spite.

I thought I'd change it up though today - we're going with one of my favorite Simpsons characters.  According to Wikipedia (where I get just about all of my info for everything) "Matt Groening revealed that the character was based partially on Angus Crock, a kilt-wearing chef from the sketch comedy show Second City Television".  Only it's not our Second City.. which is us.. it's Canada's... which I guess is Toronto.  Also.. Willie coined the phrase "cheese-eating surrender monkey" which of course has been used far too often on this blog during the epic goalie debates of '09-'10.

Forward Previews coming later today...