May 21st - Beard Of The Day - Walter Sobchak


In the pantheon of all of the great characters that have appeared in Joel and Ethan Coen's movies throughout their career, Walter Sobchak (as portrayed by John Goodman) is at or near the top of their most memorable. There are numerous ways to describe Walter - Vietnam veteran, security specialist, quick-tempered, devout Jew, bowling enthusiast, one-time pacifist - all of these things apply. Walter's immaculately groomed beard along with his regulation flat top haircut and imposing stature emanate an aura of "not to be fucked with", lest you have a gun pulled on you in a bowling alley, your Corvette smashed to shit with a crowbar, or have your ear bitten off. As the Hawks return home to what is sure to be a raucous United Center tonight, let us hope that they adhere Walter's words when he so succinctly stated "What's mine is mine."