May 22nd - Beard of the Day: Rasputin


If the Blackhawks weren't feeling like underdogs before this series then they are now.  The Detroit "press" is writing them off.  The Chicago press, Bright One and Trib  is following suit (side rant:  Screw both of those guys).  Hell, even Puck Daddy or random places like The Pensblog are writing the Hawks off.

Fuck that noise.

The Hawks are wounded - but they're not dead.

Rasputin was stabbed, poisoned, shot once, shot several more times, beaten to a pulp then thrown into an icy river.  He finally died but there's evidence that he was trying to break through the ice until his final moments.

Is it going to be easy for the Hawks to come back in this series and win 4 of the next 5 games?  Of course not.  But who said beating the Red Wings was going to be easy?

Win tonight, win Sunday.  It's a whole new series.

Get ready to get loud, get ready to puke, get ready to lose your shit.

Lets Go Hawks