Maybe The Stones We're Talking About The Hawks

Well, that's a pretty obscure Stones song--Star-fucker, but still.  That's two games now the Hawks have spent the 1st period letting the Stars have their fun, watch them not take advantage, and then skate away pretty easy winners.  And we love it.  Dallas is a neanderthal team run by a Class A Moron in Brett Hull, and whatever misfortune falls upon them will make us smile (cue whole team going down in a plane crash and us having a First Class ticket to hell).

Khabibulin continued to give Dale Tallon a need for Alka-Seltzer tonight.  He kept the Hawks within touching distance when they were completely outplayed in the first 10-15 minutes.  With the talent level the Hawks are boasting these days, that's all they need.  When Ben Eager is making game-breaking passes, it's probably your night.  That's exactly what he did at the very end of the 1st, and Kaner was all too happy to oblige.  This is one of the few times this season we've seen Kane's improved shot, where he had to beat a goalie straight up.  He fit that puck into a space tighter know, I'll let you finish that analogy.  We're new here, don't want to get into trouble just yet.

From there on out it the Hawks used their superior speed to outplay the Stars. Some people have been trying to claim that Turco's on the upswing.  When you get beaten by Ben Eager five-hole, your fans don't get to claim that.  In fact, it means you suck.  It's like having Esteban Yan come out of your bullpen.  Automatic suck-definition right there.  The teams then traded PP goals.  The PK of the Hawks is still worrisome.  Not sure what it is, but they seem to be stuggling with a lot of movement from opponenets.  They're still looking for Dan Boyle sliding down from the point on Sunday.  Maybe their aggressiveness is hurting them at this point, having them lost on position.  Maybe it's just a slump.  We'll see.

This Kris Versteeg will make a fool of us all.  During our season preview at our old blog, I said this kid wouldn't last playing his game at his size.  I didn't know he was only playing a 4th liners game because that's where he'd been put.  I didn't know he was capable of playing a 1st liners game when put there.  Perhaps I should've been, his AHL numbers are stellar.  Steeger could have easily have had a hat trick tonight, but his one goal was a thing of beauty, a worthy winner of any game.  Also helped that the Dallas D put about as much effort into stopping him getting to the net as one might put into getting a girl to stop taking her clothes off.

Fitting Mach 24 got the clincher.  He'd been flying all night, clearly over the sore groin.  What a talent to have on your 2nd line.  I believe this was Havlat's first goal that didn't tie the game or give the Hawks the lead this season, but we'll check on that.  Still, a cushion goal is pretty important.  From there out it was impressive shut-down stufff, save a couple Stars chances, which Nik easily kept out.

More of the same Saturday, please...