Merry Christmas From Second City Hockey


Obviously, things will be a little quiet around here for the next two days, so I thought I'd reprint my editorial from another "Lost Issue" of Tuesday's Indian:

This will be the fourth Christmas in a row I write this little soliloquy -- be it here, on the blog, or on various message boards I used to be a member of. Christmas is always a good time for me to reiterate why I’m a Hawks fan and why I love being one of you. In most ways, this publication and blog is my love letter to you (so gay!). Despite some recent minor glitches, there is no cooler group to be a part of than Hawks fans. While there may be some traces of the following amongst us, they aren’t the massive epidemics you find in the other fandoms in this city. There’s no blue-collar, gotta-be-tough- like-Ditka bullshit you find rampant amongst Bears fans. There’s little frat-boy yelling, drunken boobery that comes along with being a Cubs fan. You’ll find scant, if any, inferiority complex that accompanies
being a Sox fan. There’s no blind ignorance of the sport you claim to watch that Bulls fans are affected by. For the overwhelming majority of us, we are passionate and we are knowledgeable. We have been kicked to the ground by our team and have survived to cherish what we have now. We are the coolest band in town now, and we got in on the ground fl oor. It is my distinct honor and pleasure to write this for you. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. From everyone here and at Second City Hockey, we wish you a very safe and Merry Christmas.