Monday Declarations - That's Right, It's A Football Publication Now!

Couple things to announce here, so let's get it over with and we can all go back to gnashing our teeth over whichever strike/lockout is currently bothering you, if not both.

-Right, so it kind of snuck up on us but this is the Triumvirate's last week at SCH. Yeah, it's kind of real now. Anyway, the three of us will each do a last post/goodbye/suicide note, so keep an eye out for that towards the end of the week. Then we hand the keys off full time to Greg. So that should be something. We are aiming for a launch date of the new site for Monday, but that hasn't been nailed down yet. Keep up to date with when the new site launches through our twitter feed, @realfansprogram. That will have all the details. We also may be throwing an actual party for this, with real booze and the like (but probably no girls, I mean this is a hockey blog and what girl would want to hang out with a bunch of bloggers and blog-readers? Oh right, like half the readership of this one! So, uh, plenty of girls!) We'll keep you posted about that too.

-Secondly, with the lockout approaching and my summer rot at full-strength and with no relief in sight, I've decided to do lockout-filler issues of The Indian for every Bears game until the NHL season starts. If you're already a subscriber don't worry, you're already signed up. I'm basically doing this to entertain myself, as I had a blast doing the Bears preview issue. And it'll keep me off the streets, which should make you happy and all the bored, lonely, nubile teachers on the street happy as well. Because they don't want to be bothered by someone like me. But, if you have friends who are football fans but aren't necessarily Hawks fans and haven't seen our little publication, please let them know I'm doing this. It's only going to be $5 total for all the ones I end up doing, and I can pretty much guarantee it'll at least be funny (though hopefully not as heavy on race jokes as the preview was, but I can't promise anything). Just sign up over on the links on the left there.