Monday Grab Bag

I love this picture. I hate putting too much into stuff like this (the Cutler-body language thing drives me up a wall) but I got a kick out of how excited John Madden was after scoring the equalizer last night. Madden's play hasn't been as noticeable of late, though still solid. Clearly though, he loves being on this team. Or maybe he just doesn't score on that many breakaways with a sweet move.

-Brian Campbell the past three weeks has been as entertaining to watch as any Hawk I can remember. I know he's a turnover away from going down to the whipping post again, but I'm really enjoying the silence right now. Sassone agrees.

-Burish is skating again, per Kuc.

-Yes, I am going to pull a muscle patting myself on the back for calling Troy Brouwer as a breakout player.

-On to other teams.  For those of you who haven't seen this effort from Bloge Salming and Down Goes Brown, watch it and see what real bloggers can do:

-Finally, a big thank you to all The Indian readers. Your patience as I Forrest Gump my way through home publishing is truly appreciated, and we've got it all sorted now. We'll see you outside Gate 3 on Thursday.