Monday's Bits

Obviously not much going on here today, with Hawks being off until Thursday, so a couple links and such other discussions:

-As McClure and I are wont to do -- because we're total losers -- we've been debating the current Hawks line combos.  It's pretty pointless, because chances are Q is going to change them by Thursday.  We certainly can't argue with the results, 7 goals in two games, and it should have been closer to nine or ten except for a Herculian effort by Vokoun.  However, the current set up strikes us as a bit odd.  We're already hearing the "Toews is a slow starter" drum being beaten after two games, but I think it has something to do with goofy linemates.  I still don't trust Versteeg to always make the right pass, and with Sharp it leaves Captain Marvel as the only one to do the boardwork.  Of course, this was the same thing when he played with Kane, but Kane is so immensely skilled he could still find Toews.  I don't really know, keep watching I guess.

-It's rare that you can tell when a player has gotten stronger over the offseason, but it's pretty obvious with Kane.  He's been heading to the net as if there was a "Free Pussy" sign above it, and fighting through checks left and right.  He's going to have a scary good season if he stays healthy.

-If the Hawks forwards backcheck like that all year, we're President's Trophy candidates, and it starts with John "Telestrator" Madden showing them how it's done (first attempt with that, let us know what you think).  Madden is not the biggest guy, but he makes up for it in smarts and tenacity.  He badgers the opposing centers into submission -- or I guess given his alma mater, he Wolverines them.  Or something.  Whatever.  Shut up.

-Those of you calling for Niemi to be starter already, do us a favor, look in the mirror, and then smash your forehead into it.  Thank you.

-Aren't they excitable over at Gametime?

-Over at The Fifth Feather, they're keeping tabs on our prospects. Shawn Lalonde has seven points in his first four games. Lalonde needs to be monitored, he'll open up some options if he turns out to be a thing.