Morning Bag Skate 1/7

No lockout stats today! Thank you baby Jeebus!

Jonathan Toews admits "a lot of damage was done to our game" (Chicago Tribune)

Marian Hossa benefited the most from the long lockout (Sun Times)

Dammit! I thought Uncle Jessie was off to Cubdom, but he still has "thoughts" (ESPN)

Sassone has 10 questions facing the Blackhawks this year (Daily Herald)

Check out a very entertaining Puckcast featuring Joe Yerdon of Pro Hockey Talk (Hockee Night)

Fuck it Dude, let's go bowling (IceHogs)

Mirtle breaks down the new CBA (Globe and Mail)

The Blues are crying already. Let's point and laugh! (STL Today)

Will the fans and sponsors come back? (Boston Globe)