Morning Bag Skate 11/1

Lockout day 48. 125 games lost. $179,421,796.39 in total salary lost.

Johnny Oduya is playing in Thailand! WTF??? (Backhand Shelf)

Sean O'Donnell talks about lockouts during his career (ESPN)

Daniel Carcillo buys a new home. Perfect timing to buy a $725,000 penthouse! (Chicago Tribune)

Reflections on Blackhawks history (Blackhawk Up)

A look at the Sutter brothers (Lighthouse Hockey)

IceHogs #4 in AHL power rankings (Hockey Writers)

Ottawa Senators' owner not towing the company line (Sports Net)

Who are the owners driving the lockout? (Puck Daddy)

Can an injury in Europe cost a player his NHL gig? Apparently it can (TSN)