Morning Bag Skate 8/22

Examining the Blackhawks new rivals, the Minnesota Wild. (Madhouse Enforcer)

2012-13 Blackhawks yearbook (Blackhawk Up)

I helped the folks at St Louis Game Time with a look at our Hawks. I am sure the comments will be spectacular!

Ticket price increases could net the Hawks over $10 million. (Crain's)

Salary cap could get to $80 in the next four years. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews approve of this... (The Score)

Some offseason story lines you may have forgotten about. (Grantland)

Eric Staal is feeling good after his knee injury suffered at the World Championships. (News Observer)

Which Stephen Weiss will the Red Wings get? Hopefully the shitty one! (National Post)

Picking the new NHL captains. (Sporting News)

Barry Trotz trying to start a rival with the Wild for "stealing" Ryan Suter. Actually watching the paint dry in Philadelphia is more exciting than a Wild/Preds game! (Pro Hockey Talk)