Morning Gizzards and Giblets (11/24)


Happy Thanksgiving, all.

I'd be more thankful if the Hawks managed to steal a point or two in Silicon Valley last night. But hey, they had a pulse and it is not like they didn't have their chances. The Sharks are emerging as contenders and that Niemi guy was pretty good, too.

Speaking of goaltending...on the day America champions gluttony, here's some food for thought: At what point did it become unreasonable to expect a goalie win? Any time a shot is deflected, or released in traffic, it seems too easily conceded that Crow or Razor had "no chance" to stop it. It was my impression that NHL-caliber netminders should stop every shot they can see, and through positioning, technique, and athleticism, get at least a piece of the ones they cannot.

Craw was better last night, but I see a goalie who is still off his angles and fighting the puck. Maybe it's just me. For some reason, the Pinot did find me a little earlier than usual this year.