Morning Links - (1/13)

Your Friday the 13th Blackhawks news and other league-wide notables.

  • Recaps and reflection. [] [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN] [Sun-Times] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In] [MyFoxChicago]
  • Dave Bolland graced us with his ineffable presence last night. [ESPN]
  • Andrew Brunette's adjusting to a truncated role. [Tribune]
  • Three Hawks are going to the All-Star Game. [CSN] [Tribune]
  • Marian Hossa is looking forward to a triumphant return to Ottawa. [CSN]
  • Dan Carcillo may need knee surgery. [CSN]
  • I don't hate you like most, Jesse Rogers, but if you love him, you're going to have to let Byfuglien go. Jimmy Hayes won't heal you. [ESPN]
  • The role of the designated fighter is becoming obsolete. [USAToday]
  • Michael Cammalleri spoke candidly about Montreal. Management pulled him out of a game last night and traded him because apparently they live in an episode of La Usurpadora. [PD] [HabsEyes]
  • E has a fantastic piece on getting into the corners through the lens of an unbearably polite women's hockey class. [TheoryofIce]