Morning Links - (1/18)

Daily Blackhawks news and league-wide notables.

  • Sabres/Blackhawks game previews. [] [Cheer the Anthem] [Tribune] [CSN]
  • Carcillo's ACL surgery goes well, but he's looking at six months in recovery. Ben Smith is called up. [Tribune] [ESPN]
  • Q gets the spin going, says Carcillo did his job and didn't hurt his chances of being back. [CSN]
  • Stalberg already has hit his career best in goals, is much improved. [Tribune] [CSN]
  • Q gives myriad rest days, the players say it helps. [ESPN]
  • Fork and co. semi-embrace the myth, legend, and prophet, Andrew Shaw. [Hockeenight]
  • Saadists rejoice. Brandon Saad's been named Captain of the Saginaw Spirit. []
  • The Central Division is a hot mess as Chicago, Broshie and the former Devils of advanced age, and Scum battle for supremacy. [NBCSP]
  • The Goalie Guild weighs in on why Ryan Miller sucks now. [Goalie Guild]
  • This infographic shows all the players who went 1000 games with the same team. [PD]
  • Friedman's latest 30 Thoughts. [CBC]
  • Goalie wins are not a criteria for the Vezina. [Brodeur is a Fraud]