Morning Links (1/3)


  • So...whoever had last night as a game Carcillo would hurt the Hawks with a bad penalty (and earn face-time with Shanahan) in the SCH pool please contact Sam in Human Resources for your No-prize.
  • New drinking game: Every time Kane shoots the puck wide short-side, take a shot. Bonus: If the wide shot results in a rush the other way, chug your chaser before all Hawk forwards make it back into the defensive zone. If the last player back is Kane or Stalberg, drink again. (Disclaimer: SCH legal counsel Lionel Hutz wishes us to encourage you to watch responsibly.)
  • If playing hockey doesn't work out, Oiler forward Ryan Jones could always join the Raconteurs.
  • Acquire Ales Hemsky at the deadline? Um, no thanks.
  • As much as I'd like to defend Crawford, last night was a bunny-hop backward for him. Eager, Crow? Ben-frickin'-Eager? And a backhand? Yeesh. Someone spin the Harry Nilsson: More time on the tandem bike with Razor appears to be in order.

    Time for the links...

Beat recaps: (Myers); (Jahns); (Kuc); (Rogers)

Blogger perspectives: (Bartl's Boxing); (Madhouse Enforcer); (Fifth Feather); (Hockeenight); (TTMI)

Hayes' mission is clear: Play the body, kid (Jahns)

Lepisto is frustrated, but taking scratches in stride (Kuc)

Hawks sign top picks Danault, McNeill

LATE EDITION: Al Cimaglia thinks Carcillo's days in Chicago, perhaps even the league, may be numbered's Scott Burnside reflects on the Winter Classic (the recap is linked below)'s Stu Hackel wrote a minute-by-minute live blog of the Classic. Fun read. recaps and stats for last night's games: Rangers 3, Flyers 2; Devils 2, Sens 3 (OT); Sharks 3, Nyucks 2 (SO); Oilers 4, Hawks 3; Avs 2, Kings 1 (SO)