Morning Links - (1/4)

Daily Blackhawks news and other hockey notables.

  • The last time the Blackhawks were in Philly, there was a Stanley Cup on the line. [Tribune]
  • Perhaps mixing up the powerplay units will help. [CSN]
  • The HMCS Carcillo has yet again run aground. Suspended indefinitely. [Tribune]
  • Patrick Kane has 9 goals in 39 games, is still among league leaders in assists, and just got moved to the second unit power play. [ESPN]
  • Fifth Feather has something to say about headshots. [Fifth Feather]
  • Block has a great run-down of all the entry-level deals the club has made lately. [Third Man In]
  • Friedman's latest 30 Thoughts include Coyotes relocation speculation. [CBC]
  • John Collins, marketing guru, and what he does for the NHL. [Fast Company]
  • Gary Bettman's New Year's Eve Party. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Yes, yes, Deadspin, but this is a fantastic read on Gary Bettman and the Winter Classic. [Deadspin]
  • Tragic story about a Minnesota teenager who's spine was severed by an accidental bad check, and who may never walk again. [MyFoxTwinCities]
  • WJC: Sweden beats Finland in overtime to advance, and despite a furious comeback attempt by Canada, Russia will be joining them there.