Morning Links (1/5)


The Ban-Hammer cometh and smote Carcillo a mighty seven games. Not much to complain about there: Keith Stone is guilty as charged, and a repeat, repeat, repeat offender. Carcillo might be out for the season, anyway; his leg bent at an angle that might've made Joe Theismann wince.

With Carcillo out and with Kruger and Monty also hanging out with Hawkeye Pierce, Bowman sounded the bugle for reinforcements from Rock Vegas.

Instead of one of the usual suspects, we'll get a look at Andrew Shaw and Dylan Olsen.

Olsen thinks of himself as a puck rusher, but his skates haven't quite caught up to his monster frame. He is surprisingly mobile for his size, though, and moves the puck well when he doesn't overhandle it. He also has a booming shot despite his underwhelming numbers in Rockford. Olsen has an edge to his game as well, which may come in handy against the Flyers.

Look for Shaw to be the fiberglass on the Flyers' toilet seat tonight. Shaw's toolbox is very similar to Carcillo's, and it appears he'll get his start on the Toews line. He'll have to agitate responsibly AND produce if he wants to stay there. I'm sure Morin showed him his collar burn from being yanked off the top line after only a handful of shifts.

Razor gets the start in net tonight.

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