Morning Links - (10/7)

Loins girded, drinking hands primed, withering looks at casual fans practiced. How about the season starts with two clean regulation points?

  • Season previews. Even more previews, my god, man. Previews. [BH Up] [Hockeenight] [Tribune] [Madhouse Enforcer]
  • Brandon Pirri was called up to fill in for Dave Bolland. Oh Marcus Kruger. I had such f-ing hopes for us. [Sun-Times]
  • Apparently, though, Bolland's upper body injury isn't concussion or back related. [Tribune]
  • This is how the roster will likely shake out in Big D. [Sun-Times]
  • Kuc starts throwing around "dynasty". [Tribune]
  • Rogers pushes the "team chemistry" angle. [ESPN]
  • Patrick Kane on the high expectations from all camps going into this season. [ESPN]
  • Patrick Sharp is ready to play and feeling fine. [Sun-Times]
  • A decent radio feature on the man himself, Stan Mikita. [WBEZ]
  • The Blackhawks' banner-raising ceremony last year was less than a third the length and obnoxiousness of Boston's this year. [PD]
  • Researchers found CTE in Rick Martin's brain, significant because he wasn't a fighter. []
  • Elliote Friedman talks about his evolving conversion to advanced statistics, but maintains "heart" is a contributing factor. By our powers combined... [Leafs Nation]
  • Late Addition: Cimaglia thinks the roster may need time to gel. [MyFoxChicago]