Morning Links - (11/25)

The Blackhawks take Anaheim today, ready to build upon Wednesday night's effort and get some points out of the sickly mallards and their 1-6-3 November record. Here are your daily links and diversions.

  • Game Previews. [] [Tribune]
  • Seabrook is still questionable for this afternoon. [Tribune] [CSN]
  • It's true, Wednesday night was a fine effort, but points would be finer. [CSN] [ESPN]
  • Testing our resignation and commitment to moving on, here's an actual article about John Scott's TOI increasing. [Sun-Times]
  • What Carcillo will do when his offense really tanks? It involves truculence. [Tribune]
  • Cheer The Anthem has some positives, things for which to be thankful. [CTA]
  • C&B looks at leaders in points per 60. [Copper&Blue]
  • Then, at top six average PPG. [Copper&Blue]
  • The updated Top 30 Prospects includes a Chicago 2011 pick. [HockeyProspectus]
  • The Wild signed a 51-year-old back-up back-up goaltender. [Globe&Mail]
  • Matt Reitz thinks a three game suspension to a fourth line player isn't the same as one to a star. Why? Money. [View From My Seats]