Morning Links (11/3)


The Hawks will run into some familiar faces tonight in the Sunshine State, and they will do so with Dan Carcillo, who returns from suspension. Dan "Suspended...Always" Carcillo has "felt shame, gone free" for more than half as many games as he has played as a Hawk, but one can't help be impressed with what he's done in his short time in the Indianhead---and what he hasn't done.

In just seven games, Carcillo leads the team in hits and has already equaled his assist output from last season in 57 games with the Flyers. Despite the recent suspension, Carcillo has defused his explosive reputation, serving only one minor penalty. He is also +5; Carcillo hasn't been a plus player since junior, so crossed tomahawks clearly become him as well.

The only potential downside is that Carcillo's promotion to the Kaner Experience (TM) has enervated the energy line, which at this point couldn't power a flashlight. Carcillo skated with the fourth line at practice. It will be interesting to see if he stays there, and how, if at all, that role will change his game.

At 7-2-2, the Hawks currently alight in Florida in sole possession of first place in the division, so most fans will keep their "HIT SOMEBODY!" to themselves. The Hawks still may appear to be too easy to play against, but in the early going are far more difficult to beat. If Carcillo can continue to bring his brand of nasty in a controlled burn, more the better.